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This is a community base group to impact change by inspiring individuals.

This group is pioneered by Innocent Keith Ojoo  after discovering how the local community were over stress and some committing suicide over normal challenges of life.

The site is to reach as many people in the globe and make them believe in themselves and make a change in their lives and their surrounding.

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  • Be kind to yourself
    You need to be kind to yourself. You can’t be so hard on yourself until you forget to enjoy the little things in life. It is not a complicated physics but you are the only person , who can treat yourself better than anyone. So consider yourself , chooseContinue reading “Be kind to yourself”
  • Wake up
    The is no need to keep procrastinating your own dream to fit in . There is no extra time for you . Stop pressing the snooze button telling yourself that you will wake up when time is right There will be no better time to change your story likeContinue reading “Wake up”
  • Decide Now
    If you keep expecting someone or something to come to you and make you see then. You will be stuck. The biggest problem of humanity right now we are all waiting for the perfect time. The perfect time to leave that boring job, the perfect time to leave theContinue reading “Decide Now”
  • Hold on
    The economy has changed. Everyone is looking for a way out. The times are looking hard and unbearable. Keep on the good fight That doesn’t mean you take a short cut and make crime as part of your story. You have gone through worse moments and won huge battlesContinue reading “Hold on”
  • You can only become what you invest in
    The only mistake one can do is investing his time on things we does not like. If you have set goal and desire to become something or have something you must give your best on one particular goal and be courageous enough to wait it for it to grow.Continue reading “You can only become what you invest in”

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