Brokenness doesn’t mean as the End

Life has tendencies of breaking people. we are broken in different way. some are broken marriages, broken relationship,broken family, lost of a job a lost of love one . the list is broken oneendless.

life throws us in different directions but that does mean that it is the end. let me tell you something that those struggles and ups and downs actually make us who we are now. The more broken you are the more human you are .

i was amazed that most great people used the pain to propel them to their height. their pain become their motivation. it become their anchor point where they stood and fought for their space in this earth.

a particular doctor saw how his parent died while he watched . This broke him in places you can only imagine but he promised that nobody will die or suffer pain while he can do something about it. he went to medical school and become an renown doctor.

my point is no matter the pain. what seems to be actually your last step in life  may actually be a step in your life .  am not appealing the act of lose but i want to encourage you that there is more out there.

you cant know the value of child without losing one. you wont know the meaning of relationship until you break some. you wont appreciate the value of time until you have less.  Take your  brokenness has  a way to make you whole again

Published by Innocent Keith

Self motivated and instrument of change. A graduate of Technical University of Mombasa with a Bachelors in Mass Journalism, which has empowered me with instrument and tools to be an effective communicator. I am motivated to be an instrument of change in my society and i see a time like this calls for a exemplary leader to impact change.

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