We are living in the world full of distraction and sometimes it get’s hard to perform because of the amount of noise coming in and out . I have you ever had a project and you keep on doing it in bits and then leaving it on the way, a simple project lasting for 10 yrs or more and the project could be accomplished in months.  do  call or text and worse a mail distract you. So this piece is meant for you.

Let me tell you that any addition of distraction can and will be the death of your creative production.      I have seen  high achiever doing work that matters,the real work and shun out the noise that the world is known for. They focus on the job at hard and do it until on its accomplishment.

I have set a side some few techniques that i have borrowed from here and there,do help they will serve you well and led you to accomplishment of your own goals and dreams.

  1.  A 90/90/1 rule

This rule state you should set a side 90 days and in the 90 days put a side the first 90 minutes to work on one single important project. This brings consistency and brings discipline. This rule has worked and will give a free flow and protect you from distraction and gain you opportunities.

2.Tight Bubble of total focus.

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create a day or a particular part of the day that you are unreachable, this when you put your total focus on your project and no one can reach you or distract you. This where you create and environment that allows you to focus and achieve your certain goals or objectives at hand.

3.Choose your peer group really well.

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This where most of us we fail,we keep friends just for laughs and fun. it isn’t bad but you need to choose a circle that is connected to the same idea or same set of goals. if not then populate yourself with high achievers. people who are doing great things or things that you want to achieve. keep in mind a smart person in the mid of average person is considered to be an average person. Show choose  your peers well.

4.learn minimalism

you can’t handle 10 projects a time, you can’t be a master of all trade, you need to choose what you want to do and give your 100%. if you have to pick 3 projects  then you have to give you time and dedication to the 3 projects. The need to do all things at a go will always be  a distract to you and most probable you will do things half way.  so practice the art of simplicity and minimalism. start one project then finish the project and start another one, you will be able to achieve much if you take one step at a  time,


I hope you will be able to use this simple 4 rules that will help you achieve your projects, your goals and be amazed on what you have covered.

It always a pleasure to be an instrument of change and it a pleasure that we growing together.if you are new here please don’t forget to subscribe, like and share

“let’s grow together”

Published by Innocent Keith

Self motivated and instrument of change. A graduate of Technical University of Mombasa with a Bachelors in Mass Journalism, which has empowered me with instrument and tools to be an effective communicator. I am motivated to be an instrument of change in my society and i see a time like this calls for a exemplary leader to impact change.

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