It’s our responsibility to mentor the youth

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In Africa the where stages of passage. I can talk more of Kenya particularly the kalenjins and the Masaai . Every stage one had to learn by mentoring, oral traditions and there were set of rules and regulations that enable one to be constructive and valuable to the entire clan

Fun part the current world has left the youth to be taught by the media and from hear say. I found cases of 49 year old man still trying to find out his role in the society and the community. The man has had different ideology of himself and can’t even know what he wants out of life or what is he true purpose.

Am not advocating the old ways were right but they provided structures and system one to build on. Our sole purpose is to build unshaken and unconfused generation. A generation which knows where to stand, where to fight, where to build. it is our sole purpose to mentor the young and I believe this is main purpose to complete the life cycle

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someone once told me that he had nothing to share or mentor. I had to remind him as long as he has lived under the son there is something that he can offer. The man said he had lost everything he had and he was 60 and had no strength to acquire them back all he had left was failure all through. so I sat down with him and requested him to take out a piece of paper and pen .

I requested if it was okay for me to ask question and he openly agreed. I asked him if he had a wife and if she had left her. The man replied bold that he has wife and with confidence that the wife will never leave if things were even harder or complicated the instructed him to write that as one point . I continued to ask if he had any kids the man boldly said he had two amazing kids one was a lawyer and the other was a doctor and the all to him they will stand with him incase of anything .I told him to write it down as our point two and lastly I asked him if he has friends ,he said he two amazing friends who knew each other since childhood and they even play draft at the park once a week and I instructed him to write as point three.

i had to break this into bits so has he could get the point.

  1. The people today can’t maintain a relationship leave alone marriage. The youth needs people like you to teach them tolerance and acceptance on how to maintain a long lasting relationship. you can mentor someone who has marital problem or even relationship problem.
  2. There are number of school dropout in the globe, in the name of finding themselves. you have succeed to bring up your kids to finish school and actualized something in their lives. I know of parents who have sign the kids to therapy ,consultation and so many activities and still they can’t level up. you can mentor parent and also those youth on the power of completion and the value of education.
  3. currently friendship is build on what am I getting out of this. long are the days when you have a childhood friend who you grew up with and share a lot. everyone is in it to get something out of it, the current generation needs this type of friendship. This generation are deep in journals keeping their pain on notes and there is no human intervention until things get worse

Those are some of the areas where we are strong or best at and the cycle of life has to continue by giving the best to next generation. I am writing advocating each one of us to take up the mantle and change the community around us and lets leave a better world for the coming generation.

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most importantly “lets grow together”

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