The first thing you will need to understand the true meaning trauma.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), trauma is “an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape, or natural disaster.

As a child we might get exposed to different form of trauma and this can be very difficult to out grow it since at that particular stage our brains were developing and coping with trauma wasn’t already developed.

We tend to believe that we have grown the trauma that we once went through as kids and a time we believe that we are healed and we assume everything is jolly good and we keep on telling ourselves that the past will remain the past.

recent studies real that people who have undergone any form of trauma tend leave with the aftermath and they can’t really point it out and if they do they assume it

we have set some of the common manifestation of childhood trauma

1.The need to fix others

2.people pleasing


4.external validation need

5.living on high alert

6.fear of abandonment

7.De-prioritizing own needs

8. need to prove themselves

9.Tolerate abusive behaviour

10.Attract narcissistic behaviour

11. difficulty setting boundaries

if any of this look familiar to you don’t be too hard on yourself, just be aware and start working on it..

The road to health is just to accept the situation and start working on it. Look for support groups, visit a professional and they will walk with you to your recovery.

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“lets Grow together”

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