Don’t be too hard on yourself

We are not born perfect hence don’t be hard on yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes, allow yourself to break down and cry but promise me that you will learn from every failure, from every setbacks , from every rejection so you can grow.

We are all want a perfect life with no worries. The fact still remains we are human and error is part of the process.

Am writing this to you because of the pressure of our world today is so overwhelming . The need to be rich fast and accumulate wealth quick. Has made us not to enjoy the quality of life and created in unnecessary depression and anxiety.

So my reader don’t be too hard on yourself. Just enjoy the process and grow from your mistakes.

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Published by Innocent Keith

Self motivated and instrument of change. A graduate of Technical University of Mombasa with a Bachelors in Mass Journalism, which has empowered me with instrument and tools to be an effective communicator. I am motivated to be an instrument of change in my society and i see a time like this calls for a exemplary leader to impact change.

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