New year

This is the moment you start planing and creating achievable goals.

My reader. We need to make things happen and not wait things to happen to us.

So create the future by building it one by one

Humility is a life hack we all need

“Humility isn’t denying your strengths; it’s being honest about your weaknesses.”

—Rick Warren (born 1954)
Religious Leader

We are not born as perfect as the way the movies depict but we all have weakness.

The powerful part is accepting and recognizing our weakness and once someone identifies them we don’t be defensive but willing to improve on them.

There are theories on humility and everyone has different meaning but I agree with this “you don’t need to deny your strength”.if you are capable of solving a problem, kindly do. If you have the ability to make impact somewhere please do.

It is double speak when you claim to be humble and the people around you require your skills and you sit back and see someone struggling. When you can handle the task in a minute or less.

Also “accepting your weakness” you don’t need to prove anything. If you can’t do it, it okay you can’t do it . Accept it and allow someone to teach you or learn from someone.

Am writing to you not to attack you but to make you see. I hope I have been an instrument of change. So be a partner of this site and let’s grow together.


“The strongest trust is built by the smallest actions, the keeping of the little promises.”

—Walter Wangerin Jr. (1944-2021)

People will only trust you if you keep the small promises

Start fulfilling the small promises that you promised. It doesn’t need to be something grand and huge. Promises like I will see you tomorrow and you make time and meet that person . Things like I will call you later and then call later.

What a man has is his word. When he losses his word then he has nothing to offer to this world . So my reader kindly make your name because a great name is better that gold or silver and it can open doors which were difficult to be open.

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Believe in yourself

“I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.”

—Beyoncé Knowles-Carter (born 1981)
Singer Songwriter

You want to go far in life then the simple rule is to believe in one self.

It doesn’t matter the circumstance as long as you believe in yourself you are unstoppable. So my reader, you just need a little bit on faith in yourself and the rest will fall into place.

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The Blame game

You need to know your life comes from within and no one has the power over your life unless you give them power

We all blame either the society, the system, our parents, our relationship(spouses),our background, our upbringing the list Continues in short we all blame someone or something for our mishaps .

You need to realize that we are given 24 hours and 7 days just like everyone else and you are layed with the same chances to succeed and win.

The biggest problem that human have is the number of excuses they have and when things don’t work they way and tend to blame everything and anything .

Am not saying that we don’t acknowledge the fact that caused us to fail but to use the energy to focus on how to build ourselves after that failure.

My reader let me tell you something when you constantly blame people or things you give away your authority to that problem and you won’t be able to solve the problem.

Let me tell you a secret , the is power of owning your mistake it actually dilutes the hold on you and you will find the courage to solve it matter how huge or difficult it might be.

Listen if you give the blame to someone else or something else you give the power to that person or something.

My intentions are simple and clear, I want to see an amazing society and if so you need to change from within.

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So change your story, change your environment by taking the responsibility and find the solution to your problems.

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The darkness won’t last forever.

The darkness hours is always the time when then light is about to shine. We all reach a point where all what we see is darkness and there isn’t light. I mean When life becomes a burden rather than a gift and all hope and trust is lost and there isn’t anyone or anything you can hold on .

Am writing this not because am perfect but because I have seen some part of the darkness and I have felt the same anxiety, pressure and also had those wired thoughts but am writing to you that I had to pull myself together and picked up the pieces that start all over again. My reader I want to remind you that any darkness that you might be going through, it might be financial darkness, relationship darkness or health darkness. I want to assure you that a time will come when the light will show up and things will be better and you will become a light bit wiser and stronger .my generation has not been taught how to handle the basic challenges of life and when we meet challenge’s we tend to thinks that that our doom but fear not we are here together and we must pull through together and to remind you that’s why is community was created.

So this is article is for you. The one who has lost hope, the one who has lost trust in humanity, the one who has lost trust in himself or herself that he or she should keep trying and keep moving because any step is always a progress. So you play your part, grind hard and smarter, eat healthy and safely , keep good friendship and remember your boundaries.

Promise me you won’t give until you take your last breathe and nothing is too difficult for you and remember tomorrow is always an opportunity to try again. So don’t look down at yourself ,don’t belittle yourself, your set time awaits you as long as your keep on working on yourself .

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“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

—Michael Jordan (born 1963)
Retired Professional Basketball Player, Businessman

We all have dreams or better yet we all dreaming for something better in Our lives.

We want better jobs, better marriage, fulfilling life, we want peace, we all striving for something but the funny thing is awe we willing to go through the process.

“There isn’t an elevator to success. You have to take the stairs”

There isn’t a short cut to your dreams, you must put in the hours and the effort needed to achieve your inner most desire.

My reader it is possible and achievable but the only difference is are you willing to go through the obstacles and challenges that you may face.

So my reader achieve the perseverance attitude. When things don’t work the way you have planed hold on and keeping moving, when you fall on your face stand up and keep moving, when you fall on your back and stand up and keep walking.

Just have the end on your mind and never lose focus on your goal . You are about to succeed .

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The evil of comfort zone

We all strive for comfortability but little do we know that comfortability is a killer of creativity.

Have you ever wonder how great inventions come to be. There was always a problem that needed to be solved

The more comfortable one gets the lesser One becomes ambitious. Never settle for anything, always know that there is something better than what you have and you can do better than what you are currently doing.

I really want you to live to your fullest potential and enjoy every minute of your life.

So my reader ,keep improving,keep learning,keep striving for the best and never settle for what you know that you don’t deserve.

Creativity dies if we are too comfortable to dream again

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