Redefine yourself

we are defined as once we are born, we are given names , religion and also culture with traditions. we are bound by people who come before us. people who we called parent, relatives , our social circle and not forgetting the community we are in It might be positive or negative but you haveContinue reading “Redefine yourself”

define your true intention

we all are in a hurry ,pulled by life situation and problem.we tend to forget why we are here and why we do the things we keep on doing every single day. Have come a cross couples who have been dating for five eyes and there is no sign of marriage,i have seen people workingContinue reading “define your true intention”


I always felt that i can do all things own my own until the day i was overwhelm with everything. i almost gave up on my dream and i wanted to quit. i had to understand that we all need someone to push us when when we about to quit,we need people to hold ourContinue reading “DEVELOP YOUR OWN NETWORK”

Achieve your goals

we all have goals, long term goals,short term goals and mid-term goal.They will always be a wish list if we don’t take the risk and work on them. Henry David Thoreau once wrote,”have you built castles in the air?Good,that’s where they should be built.Now go to work and build a foundation under them”. whatever youContinue reading “Achieve your goals”


Life will push you,people will disappoint you,things may not work for you,but never quit The heavens have not quite on you.The world has not quite on you. so don’t throw the towel yet. i want to show you that the world is waiting for you to shine, your family is depending om you,your dependents areContinue reading “DON’T QUITE- POWERFUL MOTIVATION”