Capitalism has taught us survival for the fittest . That what is mine should be mine and mine alone That’s why you see industry spoiling the environment, people are being taken advantage of and there are constant war all over the world and strangely enough even disagreement between family members. We are all pulling atContinue reading “THE UBUNTU ATTITUDE”


It’s not that we don’t have problems. It just that we have the inner power to overcome. Life has taught us that is not as easy as movies or fairy tales and a time  we fall and cry. even the inner spirit a times reaches  to a place of brokenness. let me encourage you thatContinue reading “THE OVERCOMING SPIRIT”


Courage is not the absence of fear but the power to push through the fear. courage has been over talked and people have diluted it to something normal.until you understand that courage is the engine that start great idea to fruition. you will look at courage in a different way. let me give you simpleContinue reading “GET COURAGEOUS”


It comes a time we feel stuck and most cases we are actually stuck and we tend to look for the cure. Funny thing is we look for the cause and the cure from outside but the reality is the cause and the cure are actually inside us. let me break it down,there are fiveContinue reading “OVERCOMING OBSTACLES”


You have to believe in yourself first so as other people to believe in you. if you want to be successful you must learn to trust and believe in one’s self ,the world will not walk with you in your journey unless you believe in yourself. we are taught and programmed that we should getContinue reading “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF FIRST”