Achieve your goals

we all have goals, long term goals,short term goals and mid-term goal.They will always be a wish list if we don’t take the risk and work on them. Henry David Thoreau once wrote,”have you built castles in the air?Good,that’s where they should be built.Now go to work and build a foundation under them”. whatever youContinue reading “Achieve your goals”


The law of habit says”any thought or action that you repeat over and over will eventually become a new habit” when you react and respond in a positive way  repeatedly,you will take control of your conscious mind. what are you doing everyday, where are you spending your hours. how are you investing the most preciousContinue reading “CHANGE YOUR LIFE”


It is  time that you need to work on yourself,build that dream up. Nothing can be accomplished if you don’t put effort on it. you need to be in it to win it. we are very quick to give part of our lives on things which do not equip us.we run for quick gratification, thingsContinue reading “WORK ON YOURSELF AND NOT OTHERS”